Dinner Party


You’re going to cook a three course dinner for your guests. There are menus from different countries to choose from. You’ll make a fantastic dessert or a big birthday cake that you’ll bake yourself and then decorate with your name and age. You are the chef!

When: first Saturday of the month from 15.30 – 20.00
For: 6-10 ‘child cooks’ aged 8 – 12 years

The Dinner Party is a  3-course meal. The menu may be Greek or Mexican or Spanish The ‘child cooks’ will be chopping and hacking and mixing and baking but they will have to meet the deadline as well. Because at 18.00 the guests will all arrive.

The guests may be the parents or brothers and sisters of your friends or it can be your own family. Every ‘child cook’ should invite at least 2 guests (one of which must be an adult). When the food is nearly ready, we will have a meeting to assign the duties for the rest of the dinner. Who will be the cooks? who will be the barmen? And who will serve and be the waiters and waitresses? The Birthday Boy/girl gets first choice, of course. Then the cooks go and finish off the cooking, the waiters and waitresses go and lay the table.

panWhen the guests arrive, they will be shown to their table and the waiters/waitresses will take their drinks orders. The barmen and bargirls are all ready to pour and serve the drinks. Then the Birthday Boy/Girl welcomes the guests with full ceremony and the Dinner Party can now begin. After the food has been served and eaten and everything cleared off and the washing-up done, we will start to wrap up the celebration by having the Birthday Cake or a fantastic dessert. The Birthday Boy/Girl can unpack their presents and this will bring the party to an end.

Child cooks € 17,50
Adult guests and chidren (from 7 years and older) € 17,50
Child guests (2-6 years) € 8,
Child guests € 0 (0-2 years)
Birthday cake (in stead of desert)  € 20
Drinks € 2,75

You can pay after the Dinner Party using pin or cash

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