The Kinderkookkafé






About the Kinderkookkafé

‘Het Kinderkookkafé’, ‘kids’ kooking café’ opened the doors in 1981. Since than, children come here to cook and serve (their own) guests. The idea is that children are responsible for the running of the restaurant including setting up tables, cooking the meal and serving the guests, this all depending on their age and with some (adult) help of course. This Dinner cooking is for children from 8-12 yo and can be done during open subscription days every Saturday and several holidays.

In the “Help-Jezelf-bar”, (help-your-selfbar), open all days of the week from 10 am, the youngest children collect ingredients from the bar to prepare their own cakes, cookies or pizzas etc and can fetch their own drinks. They can prepare everything at the parents’ table and if necessary we will take care of the oven-work.  The Kinderkookkafé has self-do offers for up to 6 years old, but we see children of all ages enjoying themselves.

For parents, we have coffees and other beverages, tosti’s and luxury sandwiches, but they can also taste from what the children have made.

We have opening hours from 10am-5pm, 7 days a week. There is no reservation needed for visiting the “Help-Jezelfbar” and entrance is free.