High Tea

Tea party

Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 13.00 – 15.30
These parties are for 6 – 10 yo ‘child cooks’.

If you are 6 years and older (Group 3) ou and your friends cam make an English Tea for your guests. You will weigh, mix, stir and bake four different things such as a chocolate cake, cupcakes, sandwiches, scones or special biscuits and cookies. You will cook these for yourself but also for your guests who are welcome at 15.00.

theepotWe will expect two guests (including one adult) per ‘child cook’ Guests may be parents, brothers, sisters of the friends but they can be your own family too of course. There is room for 25 guests in the ‘Kinderkookkafé’ if you would like to invite extra guests.

You will prepare some lunch too including ‘cheese spirals’ and fruit sticks.

When everyone has eaten lunch you and your friend will prepare the room, tables and fill the cake-stands. The tea will be served in large pots on the table which the guests can pour for themselves. You will welcome all the guests and then you all will bring out all ‘the goodies’. To end the party, we will celebrate your birthday with the decorated party cake and singing songs together and there will probably be some presents too.

Basic-starting fee: €85
+ Child cooks: €15 per child
+ Party Cake: €35  (for 30 guests) or
Cupcakes: €2,50 each (decorated, but only for kids)
You can pay after the party using pin or cash

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