Help-yourself buffet parties

The name says it all: Help yourself. Your parents will help you in finding out how to book this for yourself and your friends. 

Parties for cooks aged 2-5 years can be booked for the Help-yourself bar. Tables can be booked for up to 10 people, including the children. This is on weekdays only, not during the weekend.

You can make your choice from all the goodies we offer at the bar but if you prefer, you can select a ‘package’.

deegkokjeThe package includes:

  • Making animal-shaped sausage rolls
  • Cutting out puzzle-shaped snacks (with a cookie cutter)
  • Using a pastry-cutter, you will cut out biscuits and cookies and bake them yourself
  • 2x Lemonade
  • Decorating cupcakes (€ 2,60 extra each)

We will hang up party decorations and a welcome-banner. If you like, you can bring some of your own decorations. During the party, we will explain the cooking and baking but we do expect that parents or carers will help too.

Package €12,50
Cupcakes € 2,60
Extra refreshments: same price as at the ‘Help Yourself Bar’, You can pay using pin or cash after the party